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Here's a list those "must have" OS X utilities and applications.
Also, we've added a link to MacFixit's similar page listing their "favorite OS X utilities" here.
And here's a link to C/Net's most popular OS X utilities.
TarMac OS X utilities handout is here!

Get a copy of the TarMac the handout used in the September 11th presentation on OS X utilities. It discusses a wide variety of new OS X utilities and identifies the functions each performs. To download a copy of the updated handout in .pdf format, click here.

To display it on your screen, click here. To see the associated notes,click here.

Basic OS X Utilities
Name Homepage Description
Escape Pod 1.0.0d3 Ambrosia Software Kills front most application which appears to hang OS. Built in to Panther.
Back up user prefs 4.3 MT Software Backs up a user's ~/Library/Preferences folder in the event of corruption of individual or the entire folder. OS 10.1 Version here.
SWIM3 0.96 floppy driver Darwin Development Read floppy disks with OS X on older G3 Macs.
Print Center Repair 3.0.3 Fixamac Software OS 10.2 application. Repairs 16 printing problems. Highly rated in Version tracker. OS 10.1 Version here.
Printer Setup Repair 4.0.2 Fixamac Software OS 10.3 application. Repairs numerous printing problems in OS 10.3.
TinkerTool 3.3cNew! Marcel Bresink Software Gives access to a multitude of OS X features not otherwise available. Updated for 10.3. See Tinker Tool homepage for details.
System Optmizer X 4.1 MKD Software Speed up Mac OS X system performance by updating executable library prebindings.
MOX Optimize 2.1.2 Infosoft Software With some simple clicks to configure many hidden Mac OS X options and the User Interface to get major speed boosts and a productivity increase. Configure many hidden Mac OS X options and get a noticeable overall increase in performance. Free up disk space and configure more settings than in the built in system preferences.
BatChmod 1.3.2 Arby Software Easily change ownership and privileges associated to the Owner, Group or others for files and folders.
PerfBoard 2.1 Pepsan & Associates Software Extensive readout of system performance data include CPU load metrics, memory statistics, network bandwidth, and disk I/O operations.
DMG Tool 3.0.1 Them Software Create compressed disk images. OS 10.1 Version here.
Tweaker 1.1 Them Software Modify OS X hidden options, such as screen shot format, file visibility and scroll bar style.
Carbon Copy Cloner 2.3 Bombich Software Move your entire Mac OS X system from one partition/hard drive to another easily. Updated for Panther. OS 10.1 Version here.
BrickHouse 1.1b6 Brian Hill Software Makes using the network firewall built in to Mac OS X quick and easy.
MacJanitor 1.2.1 Brian Hill Software Manually runs maintenance scripts that the OS runs during the night.
xFiles 1.0b1 Brian Hill Software Change the HFS+ type and creator, filename, Posix owner and group, modification date, and permissions of files. Drag & Drop
Diablotin 1.2.7 White Box Software Preference pane to manage items which have been added to Mac OS X in the /Library folder.
Renicer 1.2.6 Northern Softworks GUI tool running in background that automatically sets priority values for applications.
FileXaminer 2.2 Gideon Softworks A file/folder attribute editing application. Puts graphical interface on setting permissions (and many other attributes. OS 10.1 Version here.
Silk 2.0.5 Unsanity software Enables Quartz text rendering for Carbon applications in MacOS X 10.1.5 and newer.
Repair Privileges 1.1 Apple Software Restores the privileges of Mac OS 10.1.5 files and Apple-installed software to their default configuration. OS 10.1.5 only
Transparent Dock 2.2 Free Range Mac Set tranparency of your dock background or put picture in it's background. OS 10.1 Version here.
Boot CD 0.6 Charles Software OS 10.3 application. Create OS X Bootable CD's with repair apps. ( OS 10.2 Version here.)
Share Points 3.4.3 HorneWare OS 10.3 application. Share any given folder and create users who can access specific shared folder. OS 10.2 Version here.

"Make it look like OS 9 " Utilities
Name Homepage Description
ASM 2.1b5 Frank Vercruesse Software Reincarnation of the OS 9 Application Switcher Menu in the upper right corner.
X-Assist 0.7 Peter Li Software Like ASM (above) but adds a user-defined hierarchical menu of files, folders, and disks.
Classic Menu 2.7.2 Sig software Brings back the functionality of the classic apple menu in Mac OS X.
Fruit Menu 3.0.1 Unsanity software Customizes and enhances Apple and contextual menus in MacOS X.
Window Shade 3.5New! Unsanity software Adds several ways to minimize windows including roll-up, minimize-in-place, make-transparent.
Xsounds 2.1 Unsanity software Add audio feedback when you navigate through menus or drag your windows around.

Additional software information should be forwarded to Ray Kallman hereenvelope.
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