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A Community of Apple and Macintosh users.
Committed to all things Apple: Macintosh, iPod, iPad and iPhone.

Who are we?

TarMac, established in April 1984, was founded by a group of three Mac enthusiasts meeting at Bill Robert's home. They founded TarMac on the principle that formalities during user group meetings only interfere with the club's primary purpose -- to enjoy all things Apple. Because of this founding concept, TarMac remains an informal organization, open to all.

As Apple has evolved, so has TarMac. While once solely a Macintosh users group, we've grown into a group that supports all Apple products.

And to stay abreast of the times, TarMac now has a Facebook page. Click on the logo below to see our page.


Our Officers
The TarMac Executive Committee
    yellow ballTom Davis - President
    yellow ballRay Kallman - Vice President/Webmaster
    yellow ballJan Cooke - Treasurer
    yellow ballFrank Smith - User Group Ambassador
    yellow ballCindy Huffman - Newsletter Editor

  • Tom Davis
  • Ray Kallman
  • Jan Cooke
  • Lynn McAlpine
  • Cindy Huffman
  • Eleanor Cavin
  • Gary Gobel
  • Frank Smith
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Committee members at envelope.

Email List
TarMac Email List
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TarMac meets on the second and third Thursdays at 7:00 pm in Pop's Diner, 1432 Greenbrier Parkway, in Chesapeake, VA. Map

Vaporware Gazette
If you would like to have copies of newsletters used in previous meetings, you can get them here

Our newsletters are chock full of news and useful information to supplement each evening's presentations.

Meeting Handouts
You can download the handouts from any of our meetings,here or by clicking on the button at left.


2016 TarMac Schedule:  Presenter:  Moderator: 
JAN 5 - Thursday Board Meeting at Pop's    
JAN 14 - General Meeting: (mini-presentation: Changing ISPs with the least pain) Tom Lynn
JAN 21 - Presentation: Open Forum/TarMac Meetup Gary Jan
FEB 11 - Presentation: Home Automation (Internet of Things) Lynn Eleanor
FEB 18 - TarMac Meetup (locate good graphics) Nyx Cindy
MAR 10 - Presentation: Cellular iPad vs.iPad tethered to iphone Brian Gary
MAR 17 - TarMac Meetup (good application for drawing, painting, web page development) Nyx Jan
MAR 29 - Thursday Board Meeting at Pop's    
APR 14 - Presentation: iOS navigation vs. GPS navigation Eleanor & Ray Jan
APR 21 - TarMac Meetup (iOS Accessories)   Lynn
MAY 12 - Presentation: What to do when you start you Mac and nothing happens Brian & Ray Cindy
MAY 19 - TarMac Meetup (Mac Tips & Tricks)   Eleanor
JUN 9 - Presentation: How to Use OS 10s Desktop Functionality Brian Gary
JUN 16 - TarMac Meetup (Using Other OS 10 functionalities)   Brian
JUN 23 - Thursday Board Meeting at Pop's    
JUL 14 - Presentation:  Preparing for a Mac OS Update Ray Tom
JUL 21 - TarMac Meetup (Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Convertible comparison   Lynn
AUG 11 - Presentation:  Basic Photo Editing Eleanor Jan
AUG 18 - TarMac Meetup (Mac/iOS Functions built in to keep your life organized)   Gary
SEP 8 - Presentation:  What’s Available in Social Networking Lynn Lynn
SEP 15 - TarMac Meetup (How to Find Local Groups in Your Area of Interest)   Eleanor
SEP 22 - Thursday Board Meeting at Pop's    
OCT 13 - Presentation:  New Mac/IOS software hardware   Ray
OCT 20 - TarMac Meetup (Search Tips)   Lynn
NOV 10 - Presentation: Basics of Backing Up with Time Machine Ray Tom
NOV 17 - TarMac Meetup (Siri and Siri for the Mac)    
DEC 8 - Christmas Meetng Santa  
DEC 15 - No meeting     

Membership includes:


Help Desk (starting at 6:00 pm)
Dues: $3.00 per meeting, collected at each meeting.

The TarMac bylaws:

  • 1. If you show up, you're a member.
  • 2. If you speak up, you're an officer, and
  • 3. If you stand up, you're the president.  :-)

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